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Nathan Gregg

Founder of Design-Twenty1, Inc.

Born a ‘Creative’

As a little boy, I was always dabbling with crayons, markers, wood & glue. My great imagination ignited at a very young age.

Dominating Art

In elementary and high school (there was no junior high), I would take every art & music class. I won several awards and was praised for my creative designs. I would enter the local county fair, student art shows and then eventually taking my art to higher levels. 

Art Career Path

When I was 16 years old, I split my academic education with Commercial Art & Graphics (CA) program at the local vocational school. I was introduced to a brand new Apple Computer Lab. I was lucky to be one of the first to learn under new direction combining traditional art with digital art with Dennis O’Laughlin – who I call to this day, a “Dear Friend.” 

He helped guide my way of success while encouraging me to participate and win several design competitions. One of them included the Regional High School Portfolio Review hosted by the Art Institute of Pittsburgh. I won 1st place. then my artwork was staged in a national competition and I was awarded in the top 10 nationally. 










Landing in Pittsburgh

 I arrived in Pittsburgh and was about to embark on a journey called, “college.” I studied at the Art Institute of Pittsburgh and kept very busy excelling in all my classes while working full-time. I worked at Hometowne Sports in Station Square as an assistant manager. During my time there, I felt like I truly got to meet “Steeler Nation” as all the fans came to who came from afar to witness the great football games hosted at Heinz Field. The fans would flood the store buying apparel of their beloved Steelers. 

My First Real Job

Upon receiving my degree, I landed a design position with an advertising agency downtown Pittsburgh. This was what I will call, “My First Real Job.” After few years and moved on to pursue experience in the printing industry, corproate design, small business marketing and eventually small busines owner which I am to this day.  

First 10 years

I have been blessed with many design opportunities working for various clients and companies throughout Pittsburgh. I have worked for the following: 

Vaughn Creative Group

Minuteman Press

Dick’s Sporting Goods

River Pediatric Therapies

Autism Center of Pittsburgh

Come Ready Nutrition

Giant Eagle

TMD Holdings, LLC

Reaction Nutrition

SDC Nutrition

Stephen Gould

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